We've got two kinds of webcomics:

  1. Ambitious Short Stories featuring mega-talented guest artists.
  2. A massive 450-part tale featuring Cut-and-Paste character art.

If you click on the title of a Short Story, it'll open up a PDF of that tiny tale. If you click on the name of the artist who drew the Short Story, I'll take you to Facebook where I've posted each separate story arc as a photo album. And if you click on a number, it'll take you to the original blog post that featured the corresponding webcomic.

The Cut-and-Paste stuff works pretty much the same way except clicking on the title just takes you to a Facebook photo album.

Wanna save the Haters to your device or read their adventures all at once? We've also got free eBooks collecting all of the Super Haters webcomics into delicious super-sized chunks. You can download them at NickMarino.net.

Short Stories Featuring Guest Artists

Victory SexNaked Horsey RideIdentityOffice HatersSmells Like Death
Nils-Petter Norlin
Guest Week
Andrew Kilian
Guest Week
Byron Winton
Guest Weeks
Scott Hedlund
Guest Week
Virginia Shields
Guest Week
Audio CommentaryAudio CommentaryAudio Commentary
When Ya Comin' Back,
Kid Raptor?
Manga HatersMr. Magnifico
Sheep HatersHaterMania
Guest Week
Brandon Williams
Guest Week
Jared Catherine
Guest Week
Angela Capel
Guest Week
Shawn Atkins
Guest Week 2
Audio CommentaryAudio CommentaryAudio CommentaryAudio Commentary

The Epic Cut-and-Paste Saga!

Getting to
Know You
TeamworkCasting CallMindless
Audio Commentary for Super Haters #1-26
The Same OldThe Gift of TimeBack in ActionWTF?
Audio Commentary for Super Haters #27-56d
Audio Commentary for #27-56d
SickFace to FaceBlind DateBlind SexRoss Campbell
Guest Week
ArmorEyesDan Greenwald
Guest Week
Destruct-O-InfernoBack in Black
Mind BlowingVacationShawn Atkins
Guest Week
In LustPete Borrebach
Guest Week
Stick HatersGet RealBrian John Mitchell
Guest Weeks
Destruct-O-TyrannyLe Hunger
Audio Commentary
Maternity TestFast Cash Glorious
Audio MysteryAudio Commentary
Work for HireMarvelous DetectivesWho's Your Daddy?Baby BluesQuacked Up
Audio CommentaryAudio CommentaryAudio CommentaryAudio Commentary