Happy April Fools' Day from Mind's Eye and Destruct-O-Tron!

To celebrate this most momentous of holidays, I'm proud to announce that there's a Super Haters digital comic now available on ComiXology, that megalith near-monopoly of a digital comics storefront.

The $2.99 collection is called Super Haters: Incredibly Irresponsible and it contains seven remixed and remastered Haters stories featuring the art of Andrew Kilian, Brandon Williams, E.D., Francisco Gruel, Kaylie McDougal, Nils-Petter Norlin, and Shawn Atkins. Plus we've got a cover by Carrie Howarth!

The comic is formatted for ComiXology's panel-by-panel Guided View Native mode, which gave me the opportunity to chop things up and have some fun with the pacing. I think it creates a whole new rad reading experience for these seven tales and I hope you agree too!

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