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Super Haters #483

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Francisco Gruel began interacting with the AudioShocker during our legendary Garbage Pail Kids Movie review era in late 2010. (Well, legendary to me... probably not to anyone else.) He shared some amazing GPK Movie fanart, not to mention some great Julia Child fanart (thus foreshadowing this story). And then... he disappeared.

But he returned like a phoenix in late 2013, contributing to a couple of our fanart contests for Iron Man and ALF. Around the same time, Francisco posted some pages from a 2008 minicomic that blew my mind. Salivating to see more of his art, I approached Francisco about collaborating on a Super Haters story and to my delight he said yes!

We plotted Super Hungry together until we whittled down it down to a core story that we both enjoyed. I scripted the pages, he drew the shit out of them, and then I added some color and letters to his astoundingly intricate lineart. And that's the origin!

As for our informal NEDA fundraising drive, I'm still waiting to get that first email from you telling me that you've donated!!! Remember, there's original art in it for you too ;)

As for the story, be back tomorrow to watch Destruct-O-Tron's best laid plans hatch a real fucking mess!

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