Destruct-O-Tron went on TV and announced that he's going on a hunger strike to end crime in Megaville.

Super Haters #484

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Not much to say today... it's Friday, so I gotta go paaarrr-taaayyy! And film a Super Haters trailer. That's right. I said film. Don't forget -- donate to NEDA and I'll match your donation and give you art. Also, hit up Francisco's deviantART page and peep his doodles.

See you on Monday with the penultimate page of this story!

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  1. Julia Child is killing people? Oh my this disastrous.

  2. She's a bloodthirsty homicidal supervillain, naturally.

  3. I wish she would tell us which part of a human is the best to braise.

  4. I second that. My gut tells me it's the rump -- juicy flesh ensconced in succulent fat.

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