RALF continues to fuck things up with Glory while Destruct-O-Tron is busy doing whatever he wants.

Super Haters #368

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Mind's Eye's mysterious new career is revealed!!!! It's actually inspired by a true story, one that I learned while podcasting with my friends. I'm not gonna name any names, but let's just say that you can find out who I'm talking about if you listen to this episode.

Anyhoo, the 2012 Mix May Mayhem NSFW Webcomics Tournament continues, and the Super Haters still need your vote!!! Our so-cool-we're-super-cool underdog status persists, so every vote really helps us out right now. And remember, you can vote daily!

I've started a bit of a visual marketing campaign for our stake in the contest. You can check out the goofy "vote for Super Haters" ads on our Tumblr page. I plan to make a new one of these babies everyday we're still in the competition.

Tomorrow, it's back to RALF and Glory... as well as a fresh Destruct-O-Cast featuring Andrew Kilian.

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