Todd Purvee is the pilot of the Destruct-O-Gear 5000, a high tech suit of super armor. What can the suit do? No one's sure. The only obvious part of the picture is that Todd's far too stupid to have built it himself. His hobbies including watching cookie nipples porn and getting into preposterous situations.

1st appearance: Super Haters #1

Mind's Eye

Nilufa Nahari is the Mistress of Mysticism, a magic-wielding witch who sucks at sorcery. Considering how bad she is, she's awfully serious. However, she's the only one who doesn't seem to notice that she's a terrible magician.

1st appearance: Super Haters #1


Beth is Todd's older sister and a former lover of both Mind's Eye and Susan.

1st app: Super Haters #60


Susan is Mind's Eye's jealous friend who's hooked up with Todd, Beth, and Jerry.

1st app: Super Haters #83


Jerry was Nilufa's sex slave who left her for Susan. And then he was eaten by RALF.

1st app: Super Haters #187


Norman Sheboygan was a gluttonous alien pervert who was violently killed by Glory.

1st app: Super Haters #260


Bernie is Todd's agent who strikes bad deals for him and always skims off the top.

1st app: Super Haters #299


Mulldusa is Todd's best bud who has the hots for Mind's Eye. She's not interested.

1st app: Super Haters #15

Wet Dream

Randall went from superhero to supervillain after Destruct-O-Tron shot off Randall's human head in self-defense.

1st app: Super Haters #382

Sister Hoodoo

Aretha is a charter member of the Marvelous Detectives superteam. She has a tense Cauldron Club rivalry with Mind's Eye.

1st app: Super Haters #391

The Bastardizer

A villain who preys on fatherless children. He originally posed as Destruct-O-Tron's long lost dad.

1st app: Super Haters #420

Uncle Terry

Destruct-O-Tron's uncle and biological father! He helped raise Todd and Beth while keeping their parentage a secret.

1st app: Super Haters #414


A grizzled time-traveling anti-hero from the post-apocalyptic future a.k.a. 58-year-old Annabelle.

1st app: Super Haters #432


Mind's Eye and Destruct-O-Tron's daughter. As a baby, a bad magic spell accidentally turned her into an 8-year-old.

1st app: Super Haters #430