Justique and Nick finally found the Super Haters... only to be attacked by The Snatcher!

Super Haters #500

Super Haters #499Justique Woolridge
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Wow. That's it. The end of the Super Haters. Finito. Completo. Dunzo.

Well, almost complete... first off, here's a better look at the paintings! Mind's Eye by Justique and Destruct-O-Tron by me:

And one more thing... a special gift to you for sticking with Super Haters for the past five years! (BTW, today is the webcomic's 5th anniversary.) Here's a special story by Kaylie McDougal (art) and yours truly (script, colors, and letters)! It's called Super Secrets.

Thanks so much to Kaylie for making this twisted tale happen!

Thanks SOOOOOOOOO MUCH to Justique for being my Super Haters co-writer on tons of fun tales over the years, not to mention being my sounding board for the above story (and countless others).

And thanks to you for reading all of these weird and wild webcomics over the years!

Although Super Haters might be done, my stories are just getting started! Stay tuned. More news coming soon! (*cough* San Diego Comic-Con 2014 *cough*)

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  1. justique says:

    I think you said something about San Fernando Drama Con...?

  2. I can neither confirm nor deny the rumors.

  3. You all are Never Ending Radical Dudes! For ever!!

  4. I prefer to be Naked Eating Radish Dumplings.

  5. Nice ending and happy 5th anniversary!

  6. thaaaaaanks!

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