Justique and Nick can't find Mind's Eye and Destruct-O-Tron anywhere!

Super Haters #498

Super Haters #497Justique Woolridge
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Super Haters #499
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GODDAMN IT!!! Where in the hell are the real Super Haters?!?!? *sigh* It seems hopeless by this point.

Oh, totally unrelated, here's a super special teaser for something that's coming your way on Wednesday:

That's all for now! Be back tomorrow as Justique and I continue our fruitless hunt for the Haters.

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  1. ross says:

    i love this one! all the different versions of the characters are really great. i think i totally found the real D-Tron and Mind's Eye, i figured it out!!!

  2. OMG tellllllll me pls!!!! I'm so tired of looking for their dumb asses.

  3. justique says:

    heh heh "Butt Frenzy"

  4. and it wasn't even in the script! it's amazing how TOP SECRET ARTIST knew our favorite porno mag.

  5. justique says:

    I'm more of a "Tit Craze" girl myself.

  6. Oh. I didn't know you preferred Tit Craze nowadays. -__-

    When were you going to tell me???

  7. Great page man!

  8. Thanks!!!

  9. lovin' the notebook paper look!


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