Justique and Nick are determined to find their missing creations, and Nick thinks he knows the best way to hunt them down.

Super Haters #494

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Super Haters #495
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The final Super Haters story has begun. And because Justique and I are relentless jerkwads, we're gonna make it all about us!

When I asked Justique to join me for one last brouhaha, I didn't expect us to end up with this story. In fact, I thought it would be something goofy and predictable like "kid Super Haters" or "Destruct-O-Tron gets a job".

But waiting for our train to Newark at Penn Station in Manhattan, we hatched an evil plan to tell a twisted meta tale featuring all different styles of art. So thank you, New Jersey. You made this insane mess possible.

Be back here tomorrow to see more of what New Jersey hath inspired!

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  1. justique says:

    You ROCK, Newark!!!!

  2. I never imagined I'd be thanking New Jersey for anything. Ever.

  3. Yay peyote time!

  4. Haha! New Jersey RULES!!!!

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