Destruct-O-Tron had an awkward encounter with Sarah Nancy Hatcher that's left him down in the dumps.

Super Haters #492

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HEY-OH! I think that's our first cut-and-paste nudity ever in Super Haters.

But let's not get caught up in too much cartoon boobs excitement, okay?!? We're telling an important story here, one that's just starting to kick into high gear! In fact, tomorrow is the conclusion of this cut-and-paste story arc. But it's only the mid-point of the epic story that Justique and I have crafted for you. And I promise you... the weirdness is only beginning!

In other news, remember last week when Rob Powell did a Destruct-O-Tron impression and ended up in the hospital with appendicitis? Well I'm glad to say that he's doing great now! And speaking of Rob, his partner -- Kaylie McDougal -- sent me a special Super Haters gift yesterday. It's got a giant bow on top and I plan to unwrap it for you on our final day of comics, June 25th.

But in the meantime, get your asses back here tomorrow for the crazy conclusion of Get Lost. It sets up our next twisted tale, so you don't wanna miss it!

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  1. Francisco Gruel says:

    Destruct-O-Tron, have you considered going back to the future alone? It looks like the present is not a safe place for you.

  2. i don;t think i could go back now even if i wanted to. it was a fluke that we got there in the first place. and after the way we left things with Annabelle i sure as fuck don't expect her to ever teleport us back there again! (i pooped in her battle armor)

    plus, it won't matter after tomorrow anyway.,

    oh. i've already said too much. SPOILER ALEERT

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