It looks like Destruct-O-Tron figured out a fucked up backwards way to fight crime despite the fact that it nearly killed him.

Super Haters #486

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Will Destruct-O-Tron choke to death on that nasty piece of cake he's eating? Will our culinary crime expert slit his throat with a straw? Will Mind's Eye get back from the bathroom in time to stop both of these horrible things from happening?!? Find out never because this is the final page of Super Hungry! You're just gonna have to live with this cliffhanger.

I want to send out a truly heartfelt thank you to Francisco Gruel, whose artistic vision and twisted sense of humor made the creation of Super Hungry a true delight for me. He's such a thoughtful collaborator and unique artist. I can't wait to see what he does next!

In other news, an odd twist of fate has left Super Haters reader Rob Powell bedridden in the hospital just like Destruct-O-Tron! Rob is an artist and the hubby of my former podcasting partner, Kaylie McDougal. Kaylie had to rush Rob to the hospital yesterday to have his appendix removed right around the same time that Mind's Eye was rushing Destruct-O-Tron to the hospital! If life truly imitates art, then Rob will be healing up and choking on nasty cake in no time. Feel better soon, Rob!

So what's next for Destruct-O-Tron and Mind's Eye? Find out tomorrow when the trailer for our next story drops. See you then!

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  1. I want to thank Nick Marino for having a super rad collaboration style!

    Thanks Nick!!

  2. Geez get a fucking room, you two. That way you can kiss ass and compliment each other in private and I won't have to read any of it.

    I was only in this story for like four panels anyway. Don't expect me to be pleased with that.

  3. Francisco Gruel says:

    You are angry because we didn't involve you more.

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