Destruct-O-Tron's hunger strike backfired, inspiring supervillains to ravage the city with crime.

Super Haters #485

Super Haters #484Francisco Gruel
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Super Haters #486
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Whoa!!! Destruct-O-Tron (sorta) actually fought crime for once. And he only had to kill himself in the process. That's impressive.

As I've been posting this story arc here on the blog, I've also been sharing some of the unlettered art from this tale on some other sites. For example, on deviantART you can get a high res look at my colors for Super Hungry. And on Tumblr you can take a gander at Francisco's line work, my colors, and the final unlettered art. I hope you dig those peeks at the building blocks of this tale!

Next: It's the end of the line for Super Hungry. Has Destruct-O-Tron finally self-destructed? Find out tomorrow!!!

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