Mind's Eye and Destruct-O-Tron have gone missing. Justique and Nick need to find them.

Super Haters #493Snatched!Super Haters #494
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That's right... our final story arc is going meta!

Snatched! features Justique and I as we go on an adventure to recover our missing characters.

If you read the previous story arc, Get Lost, then you know who snatched Todd Purvee and Nilufa Nahari out of existence. But in this story, Justique and I have no fucking clue where the Super Haters have gone. They've literally been ripped out of our lives!

So how are we gonna find 'em? You've gotta be back here tomorrow for Super Haters #494, where Justique and I formulate our plan to crossover and rescue the Haters! See ya then :D

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  1. ross says:

    that is some fine acting on Justique's part. Nick, not so much.

  2. Ross Campbell, king of the backhanded compliment.

  3. heeeyyyy isn't he the anusface who killed me??

  4. Yep. That's the one.

  5. i haate you; ross crapball.

  6. justique says:

    DeCoteau, eat your heart out.

  7. I missed some stories, but am happy to be back to experience the end in real time.

  8. glad to have you back!!!!

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