Here's an officially official Super Haters webcomics announcement...

That's right, damn it!!! Destruct-O-Tron and Mind's Eye return next Monday, May 26th and run daily (Monday through Friday to be exact) through Super Haters #500 on Wednesday, June 26th.

The festivities kick off on the 26th with the trailer for my collaboration with Francisco Gruel, the artist of the above image. It's a fun story that's sure to offend you and tickle your tummy.

Oh, one other thing... I'm proud to announce that The Graphic Novel Formerly Known As The Bible 2 -- my hyper top secret collaboration with Daniel Arruda Massa (artist of the fun Haters fanart above) -- has found a publisher! That's all I can say for now. More news soon.

Comments on The Haters Return Next Monday... And Go Daily!!!? We got 10 so far... leave yours now!

  1. :)

  2. WHERE'S MY D, DAMN IT?!?!?

  3. hehe don't you mean DAM it??? *snicker*

  4. wut

  5. ya know, because his initials are D A M... get it?!??!?

  6. wow. that's new lows of punnery.

  7. Agreed. It was terrible.

    I think he should be punished for it.

  8. ohhhhhhhh!!! look who's got the puns now! very nice, Nilufa.

  9. Woo hoo!

  10. I concur. *nods head in agreement and tucks cream colored ascot into a crisp pink and yellow paisley shirt*

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