The Diablo Bros have beat the snot out of Destruct-O-Tron and now it's Mind's Eye's turn to tangle with 'em.

Super Haters #479

Super Haters #478Shawn Atkins
Guest Week 2
Super Haters #480
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Damn, Mind's Eye! You really got some skills in the wrestling ring.

Normally, this would be the time where I say, "Well, that's a wrap! Thanks to my awesome collaborator for making this such a great story. See you in a month or two!" BUT NOT THIS TIME, DAMN IT! Nooooo, nooooo, noooo. See, #479 isn't the end of this story arc.

Tomorrow the stupendous Shawn Atkins and I present a HaterMania epilogue where we reveal the fate of Tiny Tina, the li'l scamp who got Destruct-O-Tron into this tag team mess in the first place.

But first... news from yesterday! I posted the colors from #478 on deviantART. Justique and I are still engaged. And Pussy Riot released what is probably the greatest music video I've ever seen. Seriously. I watched it so many times that I lost count.

Anyway, tomorrow's no Pussy Riot protest song but it is the conclusion to HaterMania, so come back for this tale's twisted end!

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  1. VICTORRRRRRRRRYYYY!!!! Suck it, Diablo Bros.

  2. this story is stupid.

  3. Francisco Gruel says:

    Hooray for Mind's Eye!

    Destruct-O-Tron, your shit's weak.

    @Sochi Cops, you are so brave for beating up terrorist musicians.

  4. The Cossack Militia? MORE LIKE THE NUTSACK MILITIA! They blow.

    And Destruct-O-Tron? ... you're stupid.

  5. Tomo says:

    Mind's Eye's Super Bi+ch slap!

    Now we only have to wait for the "Punchline"

  6. Tomo, I promise the punchline was worth the wait... it's killer!

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