Destruct-O-Tron is determined to win that boob job money for Tiny Tina, even if it kills him... which it probably will.

Super Haters #478

Super Haters #477Shawn Atkins
Guest Week 2
Super Haters #479
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OH YEAH, BABY! There's a new Hater in the ring. Will she take a disgraceful dive like "Deadweight" Destruct-O-Tron? You're just gonna have to come back tomorrow to find out!

In the meantime, there's a new episode of Everything Blows with Ross and Nick. We podcast about a bunch of fun stuff, from a soymilk shortage to the new character designs in the upcoming TMNT movie. And towards the end of the episode, I reveal that I've reached the end of my podcasting journey. After 6.5 years of weekly episodes, I've gotten what I wanted from the pursuit and I'm ready to move on.

Oh, and here are the colors from #477. Beware... they're really colorful.

That's it for today. Be back tomorrow for more awesome Shawn art and insane Haters action!!!

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  1. I'm very not okay with this.

  2. This never would've happened if you'd tagged me in earlier, dumbass.

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