Mind's Eye and Destruct-O-Tron are wrestling to win money so a terminally ill six-year-old can get a boob job.

Super Haters #476

Super Haters #475Shawn Atkins
Guest Week 2
Super Haters #477
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Wow. Destruct-O-Tron is no Rowdy Roddy Piper, that's for sure. He's so bad that he makes I.R.S. look like Hollywood Hulk Hogan.

If you haven't already figured it out, my wrestling knowledge is relegated to the mid-80s WWF stuff. Between that and the Saturday morning cartoon, Hulk Hogan's Rock'N'Wrestling, I know nothing about professional wrestling. I'm pretty sure the same goes for Shawn.

So should we have done a wrestling story? Probably not. But we did it anyway, damn it!!! And here we are, sharing our limited knowledge of pro wrestling and unlimited passion for comics with you.

In other news, today there's a new episode of Shawn's Figure It Out podcast (featuring past Super Haters guest artist Jared Catherine). I have my own podcast out today too, a new episode of the Allegheny Teen Center Reading Program wherein we discuss the seminal manga series Battle Angel Alita.

Today's also my anniversary! On this day eight years ago, Justique (my awesome girlfriend and long-running Super Haters co-writer) and I met in my bedroom. Well, it used to be my bedroom. She was at a party in an apartment where I used to live in Pittsburgh, standing right where I used to keep my air mattress. I think it was an omen.

Last and least, I've started sharing my bare colors from these comics over on my deviantART account. Here are the colors from yesterday's #475. And that's all for today, folks! See ya tomooorrrrrooow!

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  1. hehehe you got kicked in the balls

  2. i hate you.

  3. Tomo says:

    Destruct-O-Tron seems to be suffering a slight Pectoral envy...

  4. D3 says:

    Magnificent bulge is magnificent.

  5. Francisco Gruel says:

    Prison kick!

  6. @Tomo: With pecs like those, who wouldn't be jealous???? I know I am. Very. Extra pectorially jealous.

    @D3: Only the finest bulges for my readers.

    @Francisco: Your father-in-law would be proud.

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