A new six-page Supers Haters story begins... (wait for it...)... (almost there...)... (here it comes...)... NOW!

Super Haters #475

Super Haters #474Shawn Atkins
Guest Week 2
Super Haters #476
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KA-BOOOOOM! We're back, baby! Didja miss the Haters?? (You don't have to answer that... it's rhetorical. I know you missed 'em.)

This story arc is a tasty wrestling tale featuring a couple of luchadores created by Shawn Atkins. And speaking of Shawn, I'm proud to say that this is his second time crafting a Super Haters story! You can read his first one here.

Shawn's not the only collaborator of mine who'll be returning during our four-month march to #500 (a.k.a. THE END). Who else will come back to leave their indelible stamp on Destruct-O-Tron and Mind's Eye for one last time? You'll just have to wait and see!

But I digress. Let's live in the present, 'kay? HaterMania is written by Shawn Atkins and I, drawn by Shawn, colored by me (save for the final page), and lettered by both of us. Since this is a six-pager, it's going to run through Saturday (!!!) this week. And that last page is a real doozy, so you don't wanna miss it!

See you tomorrow with some wild wrestling action ;D

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  1. This makes me sad.

  2. Your face makes me sad.

  3. Tomo says:

    Rumble Royal!! DD's for a six year old is so 'Super Haters'! Welcome back for how little time it might be...

  4. Thanks for being here with us, Tomo!!!

  5. Tomo says:

    No problem Nick...

    Mind's Eye's costume redesign is very June Lockhart, "Lost in Space" retro. Very cool!

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