First time Destruct-O-Tron doodler Daniel Arruda Massa has captured Todd's belligerent holiday spirit with this charming pinup:

Daniel is my collaborator on "The Graphic Novel Formerly Known As The Bible 2" a.k.a. **** *U*** a.k.a. I'm not telling you the actual title until the project is totally wrapped and we have a publisher. If you dig Super Haters, I think you're gonna go nuts for our graphic novel so keep an eye out for an announcement in 2014!

He's also shares weekly webcomics on the Dead Mondays blog and has a bunch of other cool comics here.

As for the Haters, I know that they've been MIA recently. Well, the next story is almost done and others are in progress so D-Tron and Mind's Eye will be back next year with 26 new strips before everything ends with #500! However, tomorrow I'll be releasing the new Guest Artists v2 eBook, so I'll catch ya then ;)

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