After 24 years, the day has finally arrived when Annabelle will return to human form.

Super Haters #474

Super Haters #473Angela Capel
Guest Week
Super Haters #475
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Hmmmmm, what can I say about this ending? Ummmm... thanks, Angela Capel! I had a ton of fun collaborating with you. :D

Speaking of fun, Angela and I had a great time recording a new podcast yesterday. We go behind-the-scenes and recap the 12 month creation of Sheep Haters.

And that's a wrap for Sheep Haters! Also, one last thing... make sure you're following the Haters on Twitter and Facebook because I'm making an important announcement about Destruct-O-Tron and Mind's Eye next Tuesday, August 13th!

Comments on Angela Capel Guest Week pt 5? We got 8 so far... leave yours now!

  1. Tomo says:

    OH... NO!! Funny and tragic simultaneously!

    Well written and drawn... thanks for the ride.

  2. AWESOME!!!!!!!

  3. @Tomo: Yeah, it's very sad, I know. But at least she went out like a super gyro! *snicker*

    @Jared: THX!!!

  4. ross says:

    whaaaaaaaaaaat!!!!!!! O_O so sad...

    anyway, great stuff, you two!! loved it. my only beef is that Mind's Eye looks white, haha. ;)

  5. @Ross: so happy you liked it! but Nilufa looks white like how... skin tone or something else?

  6. holy crap! what a great ending

  7. Ross, I need more practice drawing south asian kind of faces. I think some of my side view faces looked more like what I was going for than some of the other panels did. Glad to see people freaked out at the ending!! hahaha!!

  8. @Shawn: Thx!!! I'm so happy that you liked it.

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