A 24-hr sleep spell turned out to be a 24-hr sheep spell which turned out to be a 24-yr sheep spell. Here is Annabelle's life.

Super Haters #473

Super Haters #472Angela Capel
Guest Week
Super Haters #474
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OMG SO HEARTWARMING!!! This has to be the most sincere Super Haters strip of all-time. I love the richness that Angela put into this sequence. My script was something like "Panel 3: Christmas. Panel 4: Annabelle's sick. Panel 5: Going to the prom." Seriously, I'm not kidding. I brought nothing to the table. Angela made this breathe life!!

Angela and I are about to record our podcast today! Mega huge shout out to past Haters guest artist Jared Catherine for giving us some incredible conversation fodder. Speaking of "incredible," make sure to check out Jared's weekly Incrediman Web Comix!

And speaking of podcasts, I had a new one out yesterday called Podcast Vérité #5. It's a fast-paced blast of conversation featuring 3 thoughtful topics covered in a mere 20 minutes. I hope you dig it!

Tomorrow = the stunning conclusion and a podcast recap to wrap it all up with a bow!

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  1. Tomo says:

    Now the story is at that payoff point for me... the, "well, and what happened next blues!" And tomorrow is like another 24 hours away!!

    Art is great, and the story has developed with good pace and tension is well timed!


  2. Thx Tomo!!! I promise you that tomorrow will definitely deliver an even bigger payoff!

    Now whether or not you'll actually like that payoff? I dunno about that... ;P

  3. Single. Tear.

    In all seriousness, awesome job Angela (and Nick)!!

  4. THXXXXXX!!! BTW, you've got a major huge shout out on tomorrow's podcast (plus I blow up your spot about the whole Little Book Fair thing).

  5. This is the strangest plot thread I've seen in a while.

  6. THUMBS UP to that!!

  7. I'm so glad people are enjoying this!!! Thank you so much, everyone! And a big thanks to Nick for collaborating with me! :)

  8. ross says:

    ha! i love this one!! i guess she's aging in sheep years since Mind's Eye and D-Tron stay the same? haha. i love the art, Angela, great stuff!! i really like the two different-colored legs on D-Tron and D-Bot, i never thought about it like that.

  9. @Ross: THX!!! It's supposed to be real years but Mind and D-Tron aren't changing much because I'm a laaaaaaazy colorist! Or, rather, not lazy... I just took it down to the deadline. I meant to give Mind some white streaks in the fifth panel but forgot and then it was too late.

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