Baby Annabelle is still a lamb. Why hasn't she changed back yet?

Super Haters #472

Super Haters #471Angela Capel
Guest Week
Super Haters #473
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Angela did an awesome job adding in background jokes in this strip! She snuck in the hoof prints and the fork, which I love.

I know the way I GIF'd the third panel might be confusing... Annabelle isn't invisible. It was just impossible to animate her walking all of the way to the wall so I thought I'd show you her prints instead. If you hate the animation, click on the comic to see the static version ;)

Angela and I are podcasting about this story tomorrow, so if you have anything you want us to talk about then get at me! Otherwise, see you tomorrow for a slightly different kind of Sheep Haters webcomic.

Comments on Angela Capel Guest Week pt 3? We got 2 so far... leave yours now!

  1. While I imagine these topics may be touched upon without my asking. Im going to ask anyways.

    For Angela; I think you did something very interesting with the Destruct-O-Tron suit and am curious how you came about that look. I really dig your take on Mind's Eye as well! Did you do any sort of research or anything along those lines when you developed your interpretation?

    For Nick; did you feel any trepidation on revisiting a story line you had already done in the old cut & paste series?

    Unrelated, welcome to the Ganglion Cyst club! I'm curious to find out if an Urgicenter will take care of that for you (from what I've read the procedure is they drain the fluid out of it and then inject it with a steroid to seal it off). My Doctor referred me to a surgeon to get it removed, but I haven't made that call yet because I'm not looking forward to the bill. Sounds like yours is causing more pain and discomfort than mine does to me. Mine is in my knee, most of the time I forget it's there but sometimes it aches like a mother fucker!

  2. Jared, AWESOME QUESTIONS!!!! This stuff is gonna make for a real meaty podcast. Thx :D

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