In honor of Creator Owned Day, I thought I'd share a fun piece of Super Haters history that I re-discovered today!

I was archiving some of my recent podcasts when I found the above image. Know what it is? It's the comic strip I almost made instead of making Super Haters!!

In spring 2009, I experimented with a lewd cut-and-paste webcomic using an image of Spidey and Captain America from the 90s Spider-Man cartoon. I enjoyed the challenge and decided that my next webcomic would be another cut-and-paste superhero comic strip.

I was really into War Machine then, so I planned to make a War Machine parody webcomic using images from the 90s Iron Man cartoon (a.k.a. half of the Marvel Action Hour). As you can see in the image, I even created wordballoon templates for Rhodey and Tony.

Literally days away from fleshing out dialogue and plotting strips for this War Machine webcomic, I had a change of heart. Why sink hours upon hours of hard work into something that I'll never be able to own? It just didn't make sense to me.

So I fused my War Machine idea with a couple of other concepts I was working on... and Super Haters was born!! It debuted a mere two weeks (June 25, 2009) after my final Spider-Man and Captain America webcomic (June 11, 2009). And according to the modified date on the file I found today (June 12, 2009), that War Machine webcomic was pretty damn close to happening!

Fortunately, Super Haters has grown beyond its humble origins to become something much bigger and more bizarre than I'd ever dreamed possible. That never woulda happened if I hadn't taken the time to think about the value of my work. HAPPY CREATOR OWNED DAY!!

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