Just as the Super Haters had befriended Mr. Magnifico, Sister Hooodoo turned on them!!!

Super Haters #469

Super Haters #468Jared Catherine
Guest Week
Super Haters #470
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Ooooooooooooo ominous open ending!!! While today's page wraps up the Jared Catherine Guest Week webcomics, the fun's not over yet! Jared joined me to dish about the behind-the-scenes process of creating Mr. Magnifico Unchained, from brainstorming to plotting to scripting to drawing to coloring to lettering and beyond!

We also discuss some of the rich jokes that Jared stuffed into our story... jokes that are too small to read at regular resolution! That's why I've uploaded a hi-res version of this story on deviantART. See it here.

If everything goes to plan, next up will be Angela Capel Guest Week in April. It's a super-fun story with a twist that you'll never see coming!! Follow @super_haters on Twitter and LIKE the Haters on Facebook for updates on the progression of our story.

UPDATE: Jared's posted all of his process art for this story, from character sketches to the colors (that eventually became gray tones!).

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