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Super Haters #467

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Ain't nuthin' like a good high concept joke, amiright?!?

I awoke this morning to find that the international trailer for The Wolverine is online!!! I'm one of the few hardcore superhero fans who was ecstatic with the cheesiness of the first film, X-Men Origins: Wolverine (nude farm scene, anyone?). And so far it looks like this sequel will not disappoint me! Check out this GIF I made of Wolverine's new superpower:

HOLY FUCK!! HE CAN FLY LIKE SUPERMAN!!! Amazing. And how about that text in the trailer? This year... When he's most vulnerable... he's most dangerous. Who writes this shit? I GOTTA GET THEM TO DO A SUPER HATERS STORY! Absolutely brilliant satire.

Anyway, Jared and I are podcasting tonight about our collaboration, so leave us your questions in the comments if ya got 'em. Otherwise, see you tomorrow as the super-hijinks escalate!

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  1. Rogers says:

    good GOD this chapter is insane. Love it.

  2. So glad you're digging it!!

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