The greatest superhero in the Haters-verse -- Mr. Magnifico -- has gone completely fucking nuts.

Super Haters #466

Super Haters #465Jared Catherine
Guest Week
Super Haters #467
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HA! Destruct-O-Tron, you're so easy.

Speaking of easy -- Jared Catherine. Errrr, wait, that came out wrong. What I meant to say is that it was super-easy coming up with an awesome story to tell with Jared!!

My gut instinct was to take the Superman of Super Haters and turn him into a loose cannon. I knew Jared would easily be able to pull off the humor and action with style. AND BOY DID HE EVER!!!

I feel like I should have some kind of juicy anecdote about a struggle we faced or a major problem we had along the way or some sort of secret like I slept with Jared's mother. But our working relationship was smooth! There were no snags. Or mother lovin'. Yet.

As for tomorrow? The Haters make their move on Magnifico!!!

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