Mind's Eye and Destruct-O-Tron were summoned by a telepathic distress call from a mysterious masked woman!

Super Haters #461

Super Haters #460Brandon Williams
Guest Week
Super Haters #462
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BIG ACTION!!! The script for this story called for lots of fighting and mayhem, and Brandon Williams totally knocked it out of the park. This is definitely the most action-packed Haters story to date and I love it <3!!! Also, Brandon and I will be podcasting about this story tomorrow, so if you have any questions for us then you betta ask 'em now!

Yesterday, I was in included in the first Artists Spotlight for the Memory comics anthology on Kickstarter. Edited by Jeremy Baum, this 180-page graphic novel features work from over 40 artists from 8 different countries. Check out the Memory Kickstarter campaign and please consider ordering it! (BTW the $10 pledge level will get you some of my eBooks!!!)

Today sees the release of AudioShocker Podcast #239, wherein Neal and I discuss Tommy Lee's spinning drum kit from 1987, stupid people who sign up for shit with my email, and It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia. Also, we've got a new podcast on AudioShocker.com called VACANT Bits, featuring webcomics, video games, and pop culture conversation.

Tomorrow? The fan gets hit with some serious shit!!!

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