WHAM BAM!!! Following on the heels of another weird and wild Guest Week, a new ludicrous five-pager begins now with...

Super Haters #460

Super Haters #459Brandon Williams
Guest Week
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I'm so excited to be here today sharing the first page of this latest and zaniest Super Haters story with you!! Brandon Williams has knocked my fucking socks off with this art. If you love superheroes and big action as much as I do, I know you're gonna dig his spectacular vision of Mind's Eye and Destruct-O-Tron.

Brandon is an accomplished artist, storyteller, and self-publisher. You can check out more of his pretty pictures on deviantART or read his epic ongoing adventure, Dedford Tales. Last but not even close to least, he's currently accepting commissions... so whaddaya waiting for? GO GET ONE!!!

If you're curious about where this story is going, I'll give you a hint -- we've dubbed it "Manga Haters" and the title's pretty fucking accurate. Of course, there are plenty of twists and surprises along the way... so don't try and act like you got it all figured out just yet!

See ya tomorrow for Porn and Tofurky Day the next installment of this bizarre story.

Comments on Brandon Williams Guest Week pt 1? We got 5 so far... leave yours now!

  1. Dan Sehn says:

    Fantastic art and effects! Wondering if Mind's Eye was partaking in the tofurkey as well in panel 1? Guessing Destruct-O-Tron Fell asleep after his first bite from the looks of panel 2 and did he just take a bite through his helmet in panel 3 or is he spitting out crumbs upon waking up? I'm not looking for answers a year and a half later, just some observations, lol.

  2. I can't reveal the secret of how Destruct-O-Tron eats with his helmet on. And now that he's trapped inside of a magical painting that currently resides on the wall next to my desk, the chances of him revealing it himself are pretty much nil.

    As for Nilufa, she's not really into Tofurky. But she's also lazy. So she'd probably eat whatever's easy and in the fridge. Personally, I think she's eating a lettuce sandwich in panel one.

  3. Dan Sehn says:

    I thought maybe he had opened the helmet, took a bite, fell asleep and maybe the helmet had a sleep timer which shut it when he falls asleep to protect his identity. But I'll never know for sure with him stuck in that magical painting and all. I'm guessing Nilufa magically stuck him in the painting? Uh oh, looks like another tale to be told!

  4. The painting? That was The Snatcher! It's all there in our final story arc :D

  5. Dan Sehn says:

    Yes, saw it now. Not a tale to be told but rather a told tale and very well done! I can now listen to the rest of the Destruct-O-Casts with no fear of spoilers. Entertaining workplace stories in my most recent listen!

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