You may remember that I said the Super Haters online store would relaunch this past Monday with a new way of selling eBooks and yadda yadda yaddaa blah blah blah yakety yak yak yak.

Well, you can forget about that nonsense. Unfortunately, I won't be selling eBooks any more...

...because I'm giving 'em away for FREE!!!

After a lot of hemming and hawing (which you can read about in full in this blog post), I've decided to say FUCK FISH FUCK SELLING EBOOKS BECAUSE IT'S A PAIN IN THE ASS and freely release these PDFs for the good of the world.

The Super Haters PDF eBooks are sized at 960 x 640 pixels. They look rad on tablets, laptops, desktops, and even on smaller mobile devices. Currently, the following eBooks are available:

But that's not all!! As Nik Furious, I've created a new song called Destruct-O-Groove. It's been split up into four funky parts, and the only way to get it right now is by visiting each individual download page for Super Haters volumes 1-4. I hope ya dig it!

Although I wish it was easier to sell digital comics online, I'm still thrilled to make these webcomic collections available to everyone. I've put a buttload of work into them with the goal of making it more convenient to read large chunks of Super Haters comics.

So if you've been reluctant to get caught up on the Haters because there are too many webcomics, these eBooks are the perfect opportunity to experience the non-adventures of Destruct-O-Tron and Mind's Eye without having to click through every webpage.

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