Kid Raptor has finally suited up, only to have his employers captured by the deadly Gutter Udder!!

Super Haters #459

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That's all, folks!! I hope you've enjoyed this story that E.D. and I created for your webcomics pleasure. We had a ton of fun putting it together, not to mention a ton of fun talking about it for the latest Destruct-O-Cast podcast! Here it is:

In memory of Kid Raptor, E.D. and I share some of our own work horror stories... which are good, but they're nothing compared to your incredible employment nightmares that we read on this podcast!! Seriously, y'all have done some crazy shit on the job.

Anyway, thanks again to E.D., who really brought his A-game to this collbo. From piles of poop to the He-Rex flashback to the milk-spurting teatacles of Gutter Udder, E.D. made one hell of a tale come to life.

So what's in the future for Destruct-O-Tron and Mind's Eye? Brandon Williams is my next featured artist and our webcomics are gonna knock your socks (and pants) clean off! The trailer for our five-page story drops on Monday, February 4th. See ya then!

Comments on E.D. Guest Week pt 5? We got 6 so far... leave yours now!

  1. Awesome story! cant wait for the next.

  2. Thx dude!!!!!!!!

  3. The next WHAT?!?!? The next dead sidekick???

  4. precisely, I know a kid named Mr. Eggsmoto. He'll crack you up!

  5. I can't wait to see all these other artists....Including Jared Catherine. I haven't been able to see his work!

  6. @Robert: If you dug this story, then you're gonna love the next few story arcs!!! Jared's been sending me pages over the past few weeks and they're fantastic. Really over-the-top, funny shit. And we just announced a new Guest Week artist this weekend, Angela Capel.

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