The new Super Haters sidekick has to do a lot of shit work. Literally.

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FINALLY! We've revealed the name of the sidekick in the context of our story, so I can start using it to refer to him now -- Kid Raptor. I hated having to say "the Super Haters's new sidekick" over and over again!!

As I mentioned yesterday, E.D. and I are podcasting about this story tonight. We're going to share your employment nightmares on the episode. While we didn't get any work horror stories left by readers here on the blog, we got a butt load on Facebook. And some of them are so wild that I can't even believe they've actually happened. It's gonna be a juicy podcast ;D

Something else special happened yesterday -- Kaylie McDougal launched an Indiegogo campaign for her PonyGasm comic book. If you're a fan of Super Haters, I think you're going to love PonyGasm! It's a tongue-in-cheek erotic comic detailing a dream Kaylie had about hooking up with a giant toy pony. Ya know, "pony" as in "My Little." Also, as Nik Furious, I recorded three PonyGasm theme songs!!! If you pledge enough $$$, you can snag your own mp3s of these instrumental grooves.

See you tomorrow as Kid Raptor suits up and leaps into action!

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  1. Rogers says:

    He-Rex, love it!

  2. Thx!!!

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