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Super Haters #456

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Ever have one of those jobs where you just get crapped on OVER and OVER and OVER?? A lot of people may not know this about me, but I've had quite a few jobs in my young lifetime -- pizza delivery guy, receptionist at a sports car dealership, video store clerk, copy center assistant, law firm marketer, dog treat sampler (no, I didn't eat them -- I handed out samples), and many many more.

Basically, what I'm getting at is that I've had my fair share of bizarre tasks that I've been asked to tackle at work and I know E.D. has too. And we drew on our collective experiences to create this short story about interning for the Super Haters.

Have you ever had a weird, shitty job too?? What's the craziest thing your boss has asked you to do? WE WANNA KNOW!!

Tomorrow night, E.D. and I will be recording a new Destruct-O-Cast podcast and we'd like to hear about the most horrendous things you've had to do on the job. Leave your story in the comments below OR call the AudioShocker podcast comment line at 412-567-7606. Let your employment pain entertain our listeners!

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    Glad you're back, Haters..

  2. Glad to be back, Anonymous!!

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