Destruct-O-Tron and Mind's Eye have disappeared into the future, leaving Mulldusa confused.

Super Haters #454

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sniffle... sniffle...


Well, here's the thing... it's not over forever. Just for now. Todd and Nilufa will be back soon thanks to the visions of some incredible artists. And the stories are totally whacked out and twisted. I think you're gonna love 'em.

Thx for sticking with the daily grind!! In fact, it's been exactly two years since this website launched. And I've loved every minute of it. While you're waiting for new Haters comics, listen to the AudioShocker and keep a watch on See ya soon!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  1. Awesome!

  2. No.... you're awesome!! Thx for being so kickass-tically supportive of the Haters for the past couple of years, Shawn.

  3. No thank you for the great strip sir!

  4. ross says:

    i'm so late to the party but aaaaaaaaah, it's so weird that it's semi-over. i'm sure when it comes back it'll be better than ever.

  5. Thanks Ross! Just like Shawn, you've been so awesome throughout all of Super Haters and it wouldn't have been the same without your input and support. I really appreciate it.

    And, yeah, I've been watching the new art slowly roll in from Brandon Williams, Eddie Delaney, and Shawn himself... it's looking pretty incredible. I can't wait!!

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