Meanwhile, in the future...

Super Haters #449

Super Haters #448Quacked UpSuper Haters #450
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I hope all these flashforwards -- or, as I've just learned from Wikipedia, prolepses -- aren't driving you fucking crazy!! I promise that everything will make sense in the end :D

That reminds me, there's something super important that I really need to tell you, but I keep forgetting what it is!!! Oh well, hopefully I'll remember on Monday...

Oh, and one more thing! Today's Black Friday, the day when you shop till you drop. And while I know most people are out buying conventional gifts at Bed Bath & Beyond and shit like that, don't forget that you can buy Super Haters stuff too!! eBooks make awesome gifts and we've got three of them in the Super Haters store. You can also get Super Haters t-shirts from the AudioShocker Spreadshirt store. Plus, I've got Stick Cats eBooks available on and Amazon.

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