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Mind's Eye misses her abducted daughter, Annabelle. But Destruct-O-Tron seems to be more concerned with whatever's playing inside his headphones than he is with the fate of his time-lost little girl.

Super Haters #443
Super Haters #444
Super Haters #445
Super Haters #446

Okay, that's it for the recap!

Ya know, one of the reasons I got so behind on the Haters and needed a break was because I exhibited at so many comic conventions over the past two months. If you didn't already check it out, here's my fall 2012 conventions recap.

Annndddd totally unrelated to that (but still keepin' me busy), I've released Stick Cats #1 for the Kindle. Learn more here.

Anyway, you're all caught up on Quacked Up. So now get ready for tomorrow as new comics resume with Quacked Up pt 9!!

P.S. I fucked 'em all.

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