I know you're gonna be pissed at me, but... the Haters hiatus continues :(

But with good reason! I've been fucking busy over the past week and that's not gonna change this week either. Here's a list of stuff I've been doing, along with a small taste of the hijinks I'm getting into this week:

  • A week and a half ago, I played an open mic at 720 Music, Clothing & Cafe here in Pittsburgh. I performed a new song called Boner Pissin'. You can download an mp3 of the song here. And here's a NSFW video of my performance:

  • The next day, I released a digital version of my 2010 sci-fi minicomic, Passage. You can read it on my blog, Issuu, or as a PDF.
  • This past Saturday, I exhibited at the N.E. Geek Expo in Jefferson, Ohio for the second year in a row. While my experience didn't wow me quite as much as 2011, I still had a ton of fun!!
  • This weekend, I'll be at the Pittsburgh Comic & Collectibles Show hosted by New Dimension Comics in the Century III Mall. It's on Sunday, November 11 from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. Super Haters contributors including Brian John Mitchell, Scott Hedlund, and Shawn Atkins will be there too! I'll have tons of awesome comics with me, including these sexy Super Haters offerings:

Super Haters comics
Okay, that's all I got for now. I'll be back atcha with more updates soon :D

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