History of the Haters pt 4 left us wondering... is Mind's Eye actually pregnant with an elfin baby??

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  • After Mind's Eye did the math and determined that there was no fucking way Jerry Jingle was the father of her baby, RALF proceeded to eat Gary Jingle just like he ate Jerry.
  • Broke and pregnant, Mind's Eye was feeling down in the dumps. That's when Destruct-O-Tron decided to take matters into his own hands and get his partner some money in Fast Cash.
  • Todd cooked up an elaborate scheme wherein he would use method acting to help him win the role of a fast food clown for a well-paying TV commercial gig.

Super Haters #341

  • After driving a windowless van full of french fries and cheeseburgers down to the local playground, Destruct-O-Tron was arrested. Mind's Eye soon bailed him out and he decided to give up the fast food clown lifestyle for good.
  • Next was Scott Hedlund Guest Week. I took another break from the ongoing story to welcome aboard a collaborator for a short tale that featured the Haters in an office setting. [Scott Hedlund]
  • Back in the sprawling narrative, we told a tale featuring Rob Liefeld's Glory as Destruct-O-Tron's babysitter! In Glorious, Mind's Eye decided to put her reckless teammate under house arrest to keep him out of trouble.

Super Haters #358

  • RALF found himself extremely attracted to the new member of their household and devised a plan to score more time with Glory while getting Destruct-O-Tron out of house arrest -- a body swap!
  • Exchanging bodies seemed like a sweet deal at first but things quickly went south when Glory put her ax through RALF's head, leaving Destruct-O-Tron stranded in RALF's alien body with no way to change back.
  • Then we took a brief detour to tell the tale of the house pet from Hell in Virginia Shields Guest Week. [Virginia Shields]

Super Haters #377

  • With Destruct-O-Tron stuck in an alien body, Mind's Eye decided to find a new superhero partner in Work for Hire. But Wet Dream turned out to be a real prima donna and soon jumped ship to join up with a different superhero team.
  • Even though Mind's Eye lost her new partner, she got her old one back when Sister Hoodoo's magic proved to be powerful enough to restore Destruct-O-Tron to his regular body.
  • Now that the Haters were back to normal, we shifted focus and told the tale of Wet Dream and Sister Hoodoo in Marvelous Detectives. The story arc introduced Mr. Magnifico and ended with Wet Dream's transformation into a supervillain.

Marvelous Detectives #19

  • In Who's Your Daddy?, Destruct-O-Tron unearthed the secret of his parentage -- his long-lost father was really his Uncle Terry! And a ready-to-pop Mind's Eye turned it into a one-two punch by revealing that Todd was in fact the father of her child.
  • The next story arc -- Baby Blues -- picked up three weeks after the birth to their new daughter, Annabelle. After endless days of crying, Mind's Eye put a spell on Annabelle that turned her into an adorable 8-year-old.
  • That's when a strange visitor arrived on a mission: to retrieve Annabelle and take her into the post apocalyptic future! The visitor turned out to be 58-year-old Annabelle, and Mind's Eye and Destruct-O-Tron had no choice but to say yes.

Super Haters #437

That's all for now!! In fact, as of the moment I type this, you are now officially caught up on the story.

Of course, that won't last for long! The History of the Haters pt 6 is somewhere on the distant horizon, drifting ever closer as we push forward in our epic journey on the ocean of superhero satire.

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