Destruct-O-Tron is being a pain in the ass.

Super Haters #441

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NYCCcccccccccccc!!!!!!!!!! Click here to learn more about my New York Comic Con appearance (I'll have freebies!). It starts today, but you can only get in if you're a) an exhibitor, b) press, or c) a VIP. Or maybe somebody else. I dunno. I think that's how it works. So whatever! If you're there, come hang out. I've been moved two tables down to Booth 3358 on the Show Floor. See you therrrrrre!!!

Oh, wait, one more thing -- yesterday was the two year anniversary episode of Sequential Underground. Listen to our new podcast!

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  1. Awe the sweet side of d-tron!

  2. Anonymous says: she gonna take her top off or what?

  3. @shawn: sweeter than YooHoo.

    @anon: I dunno... are you gonna take YOUR top off? If so, then maybe I'll consider having Mind's Eye take off hers.

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