Only a few weeks after her birth, Mind's Eye and Destruct-O-Tron's daughter was absconded into the post-apocalyptic future.

Super Haters #439

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Aaaaaaand we're back!!! Sorry for the delay. I'm preparing for New York Comic Con and juggling a few other tasks at the same time. That, combined with Justique just not being in a writing mood, made it tough to launch right into a new story arc. But here it is anyway, pushed out of my brain last week and cobbled together in Photoshop this very morning!!

As for my New York Comic Con appearance, I'll have more details on that tomorrow and Thursday. But FYI I'm repping the AudioShocker at Booth 3354 on the Show Floor. Will I see you there? I hope so!

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  1. ross says:

    FINALLY! poor Nilufa.

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