I've been pretty fucking busy in my week off from the Haters! Lemme catch you up a bit and toss some links your way.

  • Sequential Underground #52 explored the issue of print first vs. digital first in comics. I'm all about digital first, but then again digital isn't very profitable and it's not the most broad way to reach people so I understand other perspectives on the issue.

  • Yesterday, I gave a lecture at a University of Pittsburgh class with my friend Nate McDonough. We talked about the evolution of comics and their current state, as well as our work. It was pretty awesome! I recorded audio of the whole thing, but I don't know how listenable it is. I'll get back to you on that.

  • Tomorrow, I'm presenting a session at PodCamp Pittsburgh 7 titled "I've Started a Podcast. Now What?" I'll be mixing my personal podcasting philosophy with my advice for podcasters looking to create a super-strong foundation for their show.

  • I took this picture and made this GIF.

That's all for now! Unfortunately, I'm going to have to have to take another week off from Super Haters. TOO MUCH SHIT GOING ON!!! But D-Tron and Nilufa will be back soon. Don't worry.

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