Destruct-O-Belle has taken Annabelle and journeyed back to the post-apocalyptic future.

Super Haters #438

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That's a wrap for Baby Blues!! Which means it's time for a brand new Destruct-O-Cast podcast all about this story arc. Ch-ch-check it:

Also, for you superhero die-hards out there, I've got a new list out today called The Top 9 Havok Costumes. Havok is one of my favorite superheroes and it's mostly because his costume and powers look so fucking cool!! I rank the styles he's had over the past 40 years from worst to best.

As for Monday, I have no goddamn clue what you should expect to see here. New comics? Maybe. New character profiles? Maybe. New something else? Maybe!

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  1. Very awesome!

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