Mind's Eye wants to know why superheroes can't have normal kids, while Destruct-O-Belle just wants to leave.

Super Haters #435

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There's something I should address... something that may have already been spotted by super-astute Super Haters readers! I changed the credits on this story arc. See, it started out with me as the sole writer, but I left Justique's name in the credits because I figured that she'd jump in once we had the time to talk things out.

Instead, she got sick. Don't worry!! She's getting better. But she's busy recovering and not much in the mood for writing. With that said, Baby Blues ends this Friday and I plan to launch a new arc with 'Stique next week.

Speaking of the future, today I shared some rough layouts by Brandon Williams, a future Super Haters guest artist!! We're currently working on a crazy five-page tale featuring some awesome alternate reality Haters hijinks.

But as for the present, I added Annabelle and Destruct-O-Belle to the Characters page. No big whoop, just a couple of pics and two ultra-short character bios.

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