Mind's Eye and Destruct-O-Tron's grizzled post-apocalyptic daughter wants to take their present day daughter into the future!

Super Haters #434

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Franklin and Valeria Richards. Nathan Dayspring Summers. Rachel Summers. Daken. The entire cast of Next Avengers. A bunch of characters at DC Comics that I've never heard of. The entire concept behind Dynamo 5. WHAT'S THE FUCKING DEAL? Can't superheroes ever have normal kids?? I guess not.

Over the weekend I was a vendor at (and organizer of!) the Pittsburgh Zine Fair and I think this picture says a thousand words.

Today, I co-host a new HyperComboCast podcast. Kenny Riot and I tear apart the late 90s Tekken animated film. Check out these goofy screencaps and then give the show a listen!

Also, I've added a couple of new ways to donate to the Haters on the right sidebar of the blog. First off, you can contribute directly to my hosting company, DreamHost. Even though I use Blogger as my platform, I still host all of my files (comics, other images, podcasts, etc.) on a server and it's not cheap!! But if you're looking to get something more out of your donation, you can use my Amazon Associates link to shop for comics, movies, and other stuff. When you buy something, the Haters get a tiny cut for referring you.

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  1. ross says:

    haha, yeah. i like this one. i like Future Annabelle! i should do some fanart...

  2. PLEASE DO!!!

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