Mind's Eye just wanted to get baby Annabelle to stop mooing. This happened instead.

Super Haters #431

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Sorry for the delay!!! First, I was exhausted from the Small Press Expo. Then Justique had to go to the ER (don't worry... she's okay!). So now here we are, picking things up from where they left off on Friday, with eight-year-old Annabelle. And I promise that the twists and turns are just getting started!

Super Haters wasn't the only thing that was delayed by SPX and Stique's ER visit. Yesterday's new AudioShocker Podcast got pushed to today. But it's here now!! Neal and I discuss lots of goofy shit including Judge Reinhold, a confusing moment from the original Total Recall, insane rockstar stories and more (I even share a dirty little secret!).

Today's A Podcast with Ross and Nick is a bit delayed, but it'll be out within an hour or so. I'll make sure to link to it from tomorrow's Haters blog post! See ya then ;D

OH WAIT!! One more thing... I'm quoted in an SPX article on The Daily Dot. I talk a bit about the struggle of trying to sell digital comics (like the Super Haters digital comic card) to people at comic conventions and small press shows.

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  1. ross says:

    can't wait to see where the Annabelle plot goes!! i like how Mind's Eye and D-Tron suddenly become not haggard in the final panel.

  2. dooood! it's not gradual... look at the last panel of #430 and notice how they each shed a wrinkle or two in every panel of this strip (because the crying is done).

  3. Cool! I also like that d-tron still curses around her.

  4. yeah, i thought a lot about the swearing before i lettered the comic. i know it's kind of unusual, but i think that the Super Haters style of dialogue must remain at all costs!!!

  5. good call sir

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