Mind's Eye finally gave in and put a spell on Annabelle to make her stop crying. It didn't work.

Super Haters #430

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Annabelle revealed!!! If you wanna get a closer look at her (plus a hint at what you can expect from next week's comics!), check out Annabelle's character art on deviantART.

And now I've got a little surprise for you. See, I've had a rather magical Super Haters morning. In the process of putting together an exclusive behind-the-scenes art PDF for the new Super Haters digital comic card, I discovered something that I'd forgotten about... THE VERY FIRST SUPER HATERS SCRIPT!!

It wasn't even named Super Haters back then. It was called Evil Love and the tone was pretty fucking far away from what ended up becoming Super Haters. Here's a sample:

Weird, right?!? And now I officially know Destruct-O-Tron and Mind's Eye's original names -- Disasternaut and Mysteria! Crazy.

If you want to get your own copy of the Super Haters digital comic card, including this lost script sample, come see me at SPX this weekend!!! And if you're not in the Baltimore/DC area, no sweat. Email me at info@superhaters.com for deatils on how you can buy one from me. Mention today's blog post and I'll give you a special discount!!

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