Mind's Eye is concerned about using her magic to make Annabelle shut up... but she can't take anymore crying.

Super Haters #429

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Did I mention I'm tabling at SPX this weekend? Can't remember if I did... OH WAIT. Now I remember. I assaulted you with links yesterday.

Well, I've got a couple more, both on deviantART. First up, I've got a new journal post about SPX stuff. And then I've got a hi-res look at the cover to the new Alternate Visions print collection, drawn by Andrew Kilian (from his Super Haters Guest Week) and colored by me.

Anyway, see ya tomorrow for an eye-opening reveal!!

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  1. ross says:

    dang it! how will i see the strip tomorrow with the baby when i'm driving to Pittsburgh?!

  2. I'll post it early just for yoooooooooou

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