Three weeks ago, Mind's Eye gave birth to a healthy baby girl.

Super Haters #426

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Welcome to the latest and greatest Super Haters story arc!!! This is gonna be a baby-centric tale full of twists and turns, so strap on your diapers and get ready for the ride :D

Throughout the rest of this week (hell, the next month!), I'm gonna be sharing a lot of stuff regarding my upcoming shows. Next weekend, I'll be at SPX (more info on that tomorrow)... but today I wanna tell you about the 2nd Annual Pittsburgh Zine Fair. First up, here's the 2012 PGH Zine Fair promo video featuring me topless!!

Currently, we've got a PGH Zine Fair Kickstarter campaign running to help us fund the bigger and better programming we've got planned for this time around. If you can spare a few bucks, that would be awesome!! You get cool swag for every donation over $5. Thx!

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  1. ross says:

    omg you HAVE to draw the baby!!!

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