Mind's Eye let her Superface peeps know that she's on the way to the hospital to give birth.

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I don't think I've ever had that many people like something I've posted on Facebook. My all-time high is probably 5 likes.

In non-Haters news, I'm proud to announce that Stick Cats eBooks are now for sale. Stick Cats is my on-again off-again lo-fi webcomic about two tough cats on an adventure. Unlike Super Haters, it's not lewd. Also unlike Super Haters, I just make the story up as I go, improvising the plot. And -- not to be forgotten -- unlike Super Haters, the characters in Stick Cats actually move because I don't reuse my art!

Tomorrow? Mind's Eye is exhausted and I give birth to a new Destruct-O-Cast.

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  1. OH MY!

  2. Like!

  3. I mean, really... who doesn't like dilated vagina??

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