Uncle Terry is dishing about his secret romance with Destruct-O-Tron's mom.

Super Haters #416

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How do people make money off of webcomics? I really can't figure it out. At least, I haven't figured out a way that works for me. Online advertising nets little-to-no $$$, merch sales are essentially non-existent, digital book sales are non-existent, and even when I go to conventions and sell comics I rarely make back my table money let alone make a profit.

I say this with complete honesty and for no reason other than to provasculate upon the fact that somewhere out there someone is making money from their webcomics... but I can't fathom how they're fucking doing it!!!

With that said, I'm not the only person that's complaining. Neal does his fair share on today's episode of the AudioShocker Podcast. Plus, I drop a mega-quick Total Recall movie review and talk a bit about Marvel Anime: Wolverine.

Anyway, see ya tomorrow when Uncle Terry and Destruct-O-Tron finally bury the hatchet.

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  1. I hear that homie making web money is tough I couldn't even get commissions goin among other things. Oh and I like todays strip (which is no surprise) the last panel is killer.

  2. Like

  3. Shawn: Yeah, I think webcomics money is a total myth. It's like a fucking unicorn or something.

    Annnnndrew: THX!!

  4. ross says:

    i don't know, man. i don't think there's a secret formula, you just have to get lucky and strike a nerve with people or be at the right place right time. if there was an answer to your question then everyone would be doing it. :\

  5. yeah, you're right. :|

  6. I think to be honest, a lot of people lie about the money to make themselves feel important. Just like people tell you how much money they win every time they go to Vegas. Money is hard to come by in the digital world. No one can even see ads, so they are not going to click them & you can't make money that way. I do think offering the PDFs of the back issues is great. Unfortunately my experience over at Silber is you only get a sale about every 2000 unique visitors. I think the real secret of making money on artistic endeavors on the internet is kinda like my view on YouTube. If your a musician, I can't really recommend trying to figure out how to become a good YouTuber to push yourself along; however if you are a good YouTuber I would totally suggest becoming a musician to have content to sell. So basically, making money on the internet has nothing to do with the quality of content you're creating & you can choose to take the next two years off figuring out how to make a website generate income or you can spend that time making comics & podcasts. I'm hoping for the comics & podcasts. Just want you to know I appreciate your work.

  7. Thx Brian!!! I appreciate your work as well.

    Yeaaaaaaaaah I definitely spent these two-ish years making comics and podcast and NOT figuring out how to generate income from a website. Ya know why? BECAUSE IT'S FUCKING BORING. And I'm lazy and want it to generate income on its own, goddamn it!

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