Thrilled that his cruel trick worked (if only for a little while), Destruct-O-Dad is ready to be on his way...

Super Haters #405

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Ooooooo!!! I smell a Destruct-O-Bot appearance for tomorrow!

In other news... Super Haters eBooks are finally for sale!!! I busted my buns this weekend building the Super Haters Shop webpage, so go check it out even if you don't wanna buy anything.

Buuuuuuuttttttttt if you do wanna buy something, here's what I've got for sale (clicking these links will take you to the PayPal sales page... to see previews and descriptions, visit the Shop):

Thanks to those of you who tested out the beta versions of the eBooks and gave me feedback. It was super helpful!!! Granted, I didn't change much (or anything at all, really) from the beta versions to these final versions, but your input helped me with presentation, functionality of the sales point, and so on.

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